What happened to NeoPackage?

What happened to NeoPackage?

NeoPackage has been closed and the whole business has moved to Planet Express.

We always tried to do our best for our customers, so after long thought, we made this decision.

But don’t worry.

You can still forward your packages faster, cheaper and without any hassle.

Just create an account with Planet Express, and you are good to go.

Planet Express has better rates and fast request processing – in just hours!

Do you have any unshipped package with NeoPackage?

We still have it! Want to ship it?

Let us know by email: [email protected] and we can forward it immediately.

We can ship it for you or if you create an account with Planet Express – we can move all your packages to your account with them.

However, you need to request this by our email.

Unfortunately, if your account has been closed in the past (for example due to any fraudulent activity), there is nothing to do, and we are unable to help you.

Thanks for understanding, we believe that this is the best way for you, how to ship your packages from the USA fast and for the best rates.

We hope that you will appreciate it.

Who is Planet Express?

Planet Express is a modern shipping company located in the heart of Los Angeles in the city of Gardena, California.

Planet Express provides 40-45% off for postage via USPS and 75-80% off for other carriers. No one else in the industry can offer these discounts!

The company established in 2017, however, right now its the fastest growing and reliable freight forwarding company in the US.

It is much cheaper than ever

Found something you like in the US and don’t want to pay overpriced shipping rates to others?

You can shop in the US like in your home country these days.

It is effortless with Planet Express.

Don’t waste your time and shop in the US for less.

We are very straightforward!

Why to choose Planet Express?

  • best prices on the market
  • no hidden fees
  • fast request processing (in hours)
  • free label and package photo of incoming packages
  • secure packing for safety of your items
  • Excellent customer support
  • a lot of payment methods
  • multiple budget and express carriers
  • the fastest growing and ambitious

Still not sure?

Check what the customers say about Planet Express. Check the reviews on the most popular websites – TrustPilot, Facebook, and Google!

You won’t find better-rated mail forwarding service in the USA.